About The Glorymen

To watch God work, when we remove ourselves completely, is amazing! 

In September 1970, Lacy Pittman along with his twin cousins, Ron and Don West started a gospel group and named it the Harmonaires because of Uncle Bill Frye.  He was in a Southern Gospel Quartet, The Songsmen, who at one time called themselves The Harmonaires.  Lacy and his cousins sang together until Lacy married in 1975 and moved to Fayetteville, NC. 

In 1989, Lacy, along with Jerry Evans started The Glorymen.  In October 1990, Wayne Coates joined The Glorymen as the lead singer.  Changes occurred and the group continued in ministry.  In 2002, Lacy’s cousin, Ron West joined The Glorymen as the lead singer.  Folks referred to Ron as “Precious”.  They say dynamite comes in small packages and when it comes to singing, this is true! 

During the years, there have been three members of the The Glorymen that, no matter where we went, folks would ask about, even after they left the group.  They were Charlie Picarella, who is with the Lord, Ron West and Wayne Coates. 

As of September 01, 2022, The Glorymen are Don West tenor, Ron West lead, Wayne Coates baritone and Lacy Pittman bass.  Fifty-two years later, God has restored what he started and reinserted an individual who was part of The Glorymen for over twenty years.  At this stage in life, knowing it was not the doing of any individual, the result is mind blowing! 

To God Be The Glory!