This Website is Dedicated to the Memory of 


Troy Montgomery Brisson II 


Born July 27, 1969 Transferred to Heaven on September 30, 2010 


The following was provided by Terry Brisson, the father of Troy Brisson: 

Troy was born in Charlotte, NC on July 27, 1969 to  

Terry Brisson and Patricia Walters Brisson. 

Troy loved the Lord, he loved going to church and he loved people.   

Troy touched every life he came in contact with.   

He was a blessing to his Dad, his mother and his brother.   

Troy loved to hear The Glorymen sing.  He had about all of their CDs.  

 Also, last but not least, he loved Lacy Pittman,  

you could see it in his smiling face when he heard Lacy sing.   

Troy will always be remembered by the lives he touched. 

Dad-Terry Brisson 

Mother-Patricia Brisson 

Brother-Tracey Brisson 

  Many times over the past twelve to fifteen years The Glorymen would be singing and in would come 

Troy Brisson.  He was always smiling and happy every time we saw him. 

He would come up and give you a big hug and just laugh and grin. 

When you were having a tough day, it was always a blessing to just be in the presence of Troy 

because he lifted you up so much. 

We have always said being in the presence of Troy had to be what it will be like to be in the presence or our  

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

We will miss him, but we know where he is.  We will see him again soon! 

The Glorymen