We face life on a daily basis, taking many aspects of life for granted.  We think those with us will be there as long as we are here on this earth, however, God has a plan very different from ours.  As a result, those we love are taken from us with no warning or preparation.  God is ready for them to to have a face-to-face relationship with him in Heaven until the time of his return. 

The Glorymen have personally experienced losses near and dear to them.  Loses to us yet gains for God.  As a result, we have dedicated a portion of our website in remembrance of those we had the opportunity to know and love while on this earth. Two special men who have gone on to be with the Lord were sons of two members of The Glorymen. 

In May, 2004, Christopher Wayne Coates, the son of Glorymen baritone singer Wayne Coates, was involved in an automobile accident while living in Missouri.  Chris lost his life on May 22, 2004 as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.  He was 22 years of age.  Chris loved singing Southern Gospel Music.  He was raised on SGM as his Dad was involved in Quartets during the biggest portion of Chris's life.  He was a very special young man who is dearly missed.  We know he is a child of God and where he is today.  We also know we will get to see him again, very soon. 

In December, 2005, The Glorymen were in Brentwood, TN in the studios of Song Garden Music completing the music tracks for there first project with Song Garden.  They arrived back in North Carolina on Wednesday, December 21, 2005.  On Friday, December 23, 2005 at approximately 7:30PM Paul Young, the oldest son of Glorymen tenor singer Tommy Young, was killed in an automobile accident.  Paul was 26 years of age.  He had a heart like his Dad and would do anything he could to help others.  He also had come to know the Lord.  We know we will get to see him again very soon. 

Check out the individual dedication pages for both Chris and Paul. 

The Glorymen also lost a very good friend and supporter when God called Roland Barefoot home.  Roland was like a father to the Glorymen, along with his wife Linda who we affectionately call Ma.  Roland began following and supporting The Glorymen in 1996 and did so until the time of his death.  He and Linda allowed us to keep our bus at their house for several years.  Roland drove the bus for us on many occasions.  He was a very special person.  He lost a battle to cancer September 09, 2007.  He will be greatly missed but we know we will see him again because he is a child of God. We are also proud to announce that God sent Roland's first grandchild, al little girl,  on July 30, 2008.   This day was very special because Roland was born on July 30.  What a wonderful blessing for the Barefoot family and The Glorymen and their families.  

Troy Brisson was a young man who was born metally handicapped.  We've known Troy for many years.  He would come to singings with his Dad and always had a smile.  He would come up to us and give a big hug and just laugh.  He always made us feel better when he was around.  No matter how bad we may feel, being around Troy would always lift us up and make us feel better.  When he was at home with his Dad, just before the Lord called him home, his Dad said all he wanted to do was listen to Glorymen cd's.  When one would finish he would raise his head and look at his Dad and he would start another Glorymen cd.  Troy would then lay his head down and close his eyes.  We know he is now as normal as anyone has ever been and is with his Mom in heaven.  We miss Troy but we know we will get to see him again. 

Clayburn West was a gentleman we met several years ago in Gilbert, SC while singing at the Midlands Gospel Singing Center.  He was one of the funniest men we have ever met.  He always kept you in stitches and always had a smile on his face.  We started going to the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, KY in 2006.  He would always come to see us at our booth and made our time in KY a pleasure while we were there.  We always looked forward to seeing him when we went to the Quartet Convention.  Mr. Clayburn went to be with the Lord in July, 2011.  We really missed seeing him at the Quartet Convention in September, 2011.  It was like part of us was missing.  I will never forget the night he called me when he found out he had cancer.  I was honored that he would think enough of me to call and request prayer.  God had a different plan and we know we will see him again soon. 

We hope you will take time to view each of the individual pages dedicated to these individuals.  Our desire is that  something mentioned in each will touch your life just as each individual touched our lives by knowing them personally.