This Website is Dedicated to the Memory of 

Paul Young 

Born 12-27-79 Selected for Heaven 12-23-05 

For Paul 

All our lives we were taught not to question 

The Mystery of God and His Ways. 

But how can mere humans not do that 

When we're faced with such heartbreaking days? 

We wonder why God let this happen. 

Why take him from us while he's young? 

What did we do to deserve this? 

And our questions have only begun. 

I don't know why such bad things happen 

When we're trying to live the right way. 

I don't know why Paul had to leave us, 

But I know Jesus met him that day. 

Know that Paul is with Him in Heaven 

In a Place where he's ever at rest, 

And know that one day very soon, 

You, too, will be Heaven's Guest. 

For time on this earth is but vapor. 

It's here, and it's gone in a breath. 

But with Jesus alive and well in your heart, 

You now have no more fear of Death. 

Though the loss you feel is unspeakable 

And the pain cuts you heart like a knife, 

Rest in Christ knowing Paul is in Heaven, 

 And he's living a glorious life! 

Trust in God when your burden's too heavy. 

Let Him lead you in all that you do, 

Because He needed Paul up in Heaven, 

And He'll surely take care of you. 

Written by Emily Hefner, a dear friend to Dianne Young 


Paul loved his parents and he loved his brothers dearly.  But Paul's life was his wife of 

two years, but she had been his best friend for at least ten years.  Because we are his  

family, we have always known what a wonderful child and then a man Paul had been.   

However, his coworkers summed it up best in a plaque dedicated to his honor: 


In loving memory of 

Paul Young 

A loving friend to everyone. 

12-27-79 to 12-23-05 


The Glorymen