This Website is dedicated to  

 the memory of 

William Clayburn West 


Born August 19, 1939 Selected for Heaven on July 13, 2011 


William Clayburn West was the only son of the late Reverend Ernest H. West and the late Annie Hough West.  He was also our brother. 

He was a happy child, smart, adventurous and very funny.  As an adult, he was a precious son to his parents and a caring brother to us.  He was kind and courteous; diligent in his vocation; he loved God and seriously studied God's Word.  He loved his country and served in the military.  He loved his family and showed his love by always being available to any who were sick and/or needed his hekp or just the comfort of his presence. 

One of his greatest oys was listening to good Southern Gospel music.  He always looked forward each year to attending the National Quartet Convention in Louisville, Kentucky.  But of all the many groups he heard over the years, his favorite was The Glorymen.  He was probably their biggest fan!  They in turn were such a blessing to him.  When he was confined to home by his terminal illness, The Glorymen stopped by on their way to a concert and did a small concdert just for him.  This sustained him for many weeks afterward. 

Clayburn never lost his sense of humor, even during his illlness.  It is a comfort even now for us to recall his wittiness and funny sayings. 

We miss him more than we could have realized, but look forward to rejoining him, our parents and other loved ones some day. 

Wilma West Roland, Silver Springs, FL 

Lorene West Arledge, Columbia, SC 

We, The Glorymen will miss the times we had with Clayburn West.  He truely was a funny man. 

He loved people and he loved the Lord.  He also loved Southern Gospel Music.  He will be missed  

by many.  He sure made a difference in our lives.  We will see him again one day. 

The Glorymen